“What IS a barge cruise”?

…Let’s be honest, barge-cruising is pretty original!  So it’s always good to answer the question.

To help provide a well-rounded explanation to the “What is Barging?” question, we asked a couple of passengers to put together a kind of F&Q’s about what you sign up for when you book a week onboard hotel barge Athos.  They described their experience and their expectations, in addition to the logistical questions about how to get to Athos and how it works onboard etc.

From Passengers Who Cruised on Hotel Barge Athos

The outcome is a link to an article telling “What to Expect” when you book a week on a Canal du Midi luxury cruise with hotel barge Athos.  Big thanks to Helen Hewetson and Jill Fost of the Travel Society for their frank and detailed version of what REALLY happens once you’ve joined the Athos party!


Photo credit to Helen Hewetson and Jill Fost for their “Glorious Evening Ride #AutumnCruising” pic…  Useful views and perfect image!