Athos du Midi

Athos is a luxury péniche hotel – a traditional French barge whose interior has been gracefully converted into a rich and cosy floating hotel barge.


Hotel barge Athos cruises through the rustic landscapes of the Languedoc on the Canal du Midi.

The Canal du Midi is an historic landmark and a listed UNESCO world heritage site situated between Toulouse and Sète on the Southwestern corner of France.  The Languedoc and the Canal du Midi speak to travellers who want to experience this sprawling French wine growing region, authentic European history and spectacular rural scenery.


Passengers cruising the Canal du Midi on hotel barge Athos spend 5 days and 6 nights navigating the vineyard covered French countryside between Argeliers and Marseillan. Along the way, Athos’ indulgent and well-versed crew guide visits to famous hilltop towns like Carcassonne and Minerve.  And they take Athos passengers on a gourmet tour-de-force of Mediterranean cuisine and flavours.


Does a luxury hotel barge cruise on the Canal du Midi appeal to you simply for the experience of travelling in an original way?  Or perhaps to mark and celebrate a special occasion with friends and family? Athos is happy to propose a number of cruise itineraries with events and shore visits suited to a wide variety of interests and age groups.   Contact Athos’ owners directly.  Inquire about available cruise departure dates in 2018 and how to plan your best hotel barge cruise on the Canal du Midi.

Come.  Join Athos on a most historical and magical cruise on the Canal du Midi.




So special to be able to slow down – gliding and floating on the awesome Athos, home from home, with delicious food and gracious hosts.
Quel Magnifique! The best staff and food – it was our first barge trip and it will never be equalled.
No words can properly express the hospitality of this crew, the articulate descriptions, the care, the cheese. Viva la Athos!.
Fabulous food. The happiest time I’ve had in years.
Brilliant. The staff could not have been better nor the food more wonderful.
A grand experience with superb accommodations and service. I would recommend the Athos to anyone.


"...A brief thank you note for the tremendous experience that the two of us had during our stay on your beautiful boat. Simply said, we had a truly amazing time! Your staff exceeded all of our expectations. Bottom line: a first class operation that resulted in an experience that we will remember always.
From all the wonderful trips, incredible food, gorgeous scenery and memories that will last a lifetime, we enjoyed it all! We are all so thankful we got placed on the Athos and with this crew. You all went out of your way to make us feel welcome, comfortable and went above and beyond in so many ways.
Thank you and all the staff for such a fantastic week on your barge, I can’t think of one thing that we didn’t enjoy or could improve on.
The Athos crew were delightful and had clearly worked hard to learn and share information about the cuisine, wine, and cheeses we enjoyed. The overall experience greatly exceeded our expectations and we feel this was one of our best vacations ever - and we travel a lot.
Not usually my sort of holiday, but was accompanying my mother and am now glad we chose it! I found it much more interesting than I thought it would be. Very relaxing, great for unwinding and superb food and drink. The staff were exceptional in their service standards, friendliness and knowledge.
This was a lovely, lovely holiday. We were lucky to have very friendly and interesting co-guests. Staff were a delight - friendly and seemed to work very well together. Julian our captain, clearly has skills at creating a co-ordinated, happy and efficient team - a rare skill.