The Canal du Midi hotel Barge Athos has been quiet this past season. And like most of the world’s Covid-grounded activities…not for want or willing!

We’ve been here, the Canal du Midi hotel-barge Athos has been ready to cruise, to wine, to laugh – the Canal du Midi remains our oyster! And yet, in 2020 Covid made travel plans too dangerous, too complicated, too frustrating for any of you to get here. We’re sorry about ALL of it.

But the Canal du Midi hotel-barge Athos is back. And we are more than ready to welcome back past and future Athosians. Just as soon as you can.

Athos will restart her social media presence while we wait for Covid to calm, and the world to reunite in some small way via international travel. If Athos can provide a small word of hope, a nostalgic smile, a photo of Southern France magic, a glimpse of Canal du Midi sun, a fond memory of laughing with Athos crew… then we’ll have accomplished a small something positive in 2020.

Here’s to an attempt! And here’s to all of you keeping safe, healthy and hopeful. Watch out for Athos’ posts and news in the coming months.
Canal du Midi hotel Barge Athos
Cheers to better days on Athos!