Hotel barge Athos has ensuite bathrooms for each cabin

Luxury en-suite bathrooms get a vote of confidence

Last week’s passengers were guided into their cabins to get settled in before having a toast of the bubbly and a chitchat about the week.  Julian was delighted when they reported that they found the Athos’ ensuite bathrooms to be extremely luxurious…much moreso than other boat bathrooms they’d been in, and on a par they felt, with luxury hotel bathrooms.  They loved the oiled hardwood floors and cabins, and found the shiny white & royal blue tile work fresh and bright.  We aim to please – thanks for the compliment Athos passengers!!

Ensuite bathrooms with hardwood floors and cabinets
Athos ensuite bathrooms have hardwood floors and cabinets
Ensuite bathroom on Athos
Ensuite bathroom onboard barge Athos