Why a Canal du Midi Cruise on Luxury Hotel Boat Athos should be on your bucket list.

A Canal du Midi Cruise on Athos is a South of France experience that is a once in a lifetime, must-do holiday. Here’s why:

  1. Athos makes your Canal du Midi cruise exclusive and personalised. VIP is the only class and service option.

Athos carries a maximum of 10 passengers on board in any given week and her 5 full time crew members ensure that they are given every attention and comfort.  Athos and her crew are all about making your special Canal du Midi holiday the lifetime trip to remember.  With the option of chartering the entire boat for up to 10 passengers, you can choose your own group of preferred travellers.  If you’d like to stay away from the crowds, Athos’ crew can arrange that.  

  1. It’s not JUST a luxury Canal du Midi Cruise.  

Inclusive shore excursions mean that you’ll See & Experience More on hotel barge Athos.  Because Athos’ experienced crew will look after the complicated travel questions of Where-to…? How-to…? and What’s-on-the-menu…  we make it possible for you to do far more than an independent traveller in the South of France. 

During a week onboard, Athos’ Canal du Midi cruise activities include: 
  • cruising the Canal du Midi by historical hotel barge and exploring the surrounding area. 
  • tasting and travelling your way through the vast wine region,
  • delighting your palate with the onboard Chef’s repertoire (tweaked to your preferences of course)
  • walking & bicycling the surrounding countryside
  • sitting back and enjoy the flavours, fun and experiences without losing time figuring it all out. 

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  1. Outdoor Luxury

Athos offers magical days seeing the South of France that way it is best appreciated – from outdoors. What other form of hotel offers the comforts of a hotel that floats and moves with you on your journey, taking luxury into the countryside from her generous top deck?  The Languedoc’s Mediterranean climate and landscapes are warm, rustic, charming – and all able to be experienced from your comfortable lounge chair on the Athos deck.  Here’s a little photo selection and a link to historical and practical information about the Canal du Midi to whet your appetite!

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